Enjoy the whole afternoon at sea in this one!

The tour started at 1:30pm in Tamarindo beach, Guanacaste. We were taken by boat from the beach and just minutes later arrived the catamaran.
As soon as we were on board, the crew welcomed us and provided instructions about the tour. Later, the catamaran sailed to Bahía Pirata, one of Guanacaste’s most beautiful beaches.
Since we stepped inside the ship, bartenders were pending of what we wanted to drink at the open bar which, by the way, was very varied with different beverages and cocktails to choose, so it seemed that the tour will going to be awesome.

Having fun at catamaran tour!

All the time, members of the crew and bartenders were ready to help us in anything we need and had the most accurate information about the area, wildlife and activities to do because there are always many things to know about the zone.

Leaving Tamarindo behind and time later, we finally arrived to Bahía Pirata where the catamaran stopped, and we keep chilling and having a great time.
The place was so beautiful that was impossible not to feel overwhelmed with the view. Surrounded by precious mountains, the turquoise water and white sand combined with an amazing blue sky.
One of the best parts of the tour was just before the arrival, when we went into the water, which had a very nice temperature. The crew gave us some pool noodles and snorkel time came!
Because the clarity of the water we were able to watch plenty of fishes, coral reefs and know better Guanacaste’s sea wildlife.
We felt very safe all that time because guides in kayaks were supervising that everything and everybody were fine. In this Catamaran tour everything was very well thought-out.
After a couple hours enjoying at the sea, we were hungry, but food was ready for us. The buffet style lunch included delicious BBQ chicken, yellow Spanish rice, corn chips, black bean puree, pico de gallo, lots of fruits and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Beautiful sunset at Tamarindo Beach

We all were fully satisfied after such a tasty meal and because the drinks as well.

At the end of the afternoon, we started the trip back to Tamarindo. On our way was possible to witness an spectacular show thanks to some playful stingrays that were jumping outside the water repeatedly like they were trying to fly.
The most memorable part of the tour was maybe the impressive sunset we saw. The colors in the sky delighted everybody’s eyes.
Luckily, we did the tour during sunset season, when Guanacaste’s sun blends with the water in a very endearing way.
After the majestic natural show we just enjoyed, the tour was sadly over when finally arrived to Tamarindo beach around 6:30 pm.
Thanks to this experience we now have new and unforgettable memories of a nice afternoon at an incredible scenario.